Ai No Mochi is a London based company created by best friends Hayyan and Kelly. Having met at university both studying business, they discovered a shared passion for food. Whilst Kelly went on to work within marketing and Hayyan a restaurateur, they soon realised their paths laid elsewhere… Mochi!

Japanese food was always a big hit for us and inevitably we discovered mochi. Having tried traditional red bean, sesame and ice cream versions we loved everything about its unusually soft and chewy texture. However, as many of you may know, trying to find freshly made mochi isn’t easy to come by in London. We knew we could do better than the preserved goods in the Asian supermarkets. This is when we decided to master mochi making and experiment with new and innovative flavours. With Asian and Western cuisine so very different; we wanted to create flavours that would be more accepted by the Western palette and distinguish us from other mochi makers.

It wasn’t as easy as we had hoped, real mochi making isn’t something you learn overnight. However, with some pure determination we persevered. Thanks to family and friends partaking in many taste testing sessions batches of mochi were soon flying out the kitchen. We started delivering mochi in and around London ourselves and setting up stalls at various food markets. From high demand we’ve come to the realisation that Londoners aren’t the only ones craving our mochi. In a bold attempt to reach all you mochi lovers, we are now delivering nationwide right to your door.

We’re always working hard creating new flavours and spreading the love of mochi. Having launched Ai No Mochi on social media in January 2016 we’ve been more than overwhelmed by the support that has been shown. We’ve been very honoured to work with some influential foodies, bloggers and featured in British Vogue magazine.

Thank You!
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