Build Your Own Fresh Mochi Box


🎃 It’s spooky season! 🎃 Receive a FREE Limited Edition Pumpkin Spiced Mochi with every box. Hurry ends soon!
Indulge in our handcrafted, fresh Mochi. This flavoursome treat is perfect to enjoy yourself or to spoil someone as a gift. Unique to Ai No Mochi, our crafting process involves NO frozen ingredients, resulting in an extra tasty experience.

👨‍🍳 Handcrafted & freshly made NOT frozen! 👨‍🍳
🚚 Delivered fresh to your door 🚚
🎁 Perfect to indulge in yourself or as a gift. 🎁
🌱 All Vegetarian and Halal 🌱
🌾Dairy and gluten-free options 🌾
♨️ Steamed to your preference on request ♨️
📦 Express delivery in 2-4 days only £2.99* 📦

Our spooky offer includes 1x free Pumpkin Spiced Halloween Mochi. Hurry – offer ends soon!

Product Description

Choose up to 4 flavours in a box of 16
Choose up to 2 flavours in a box of 8